Biederman Enterprises Ltd.

Address: 36 Head Street
Dundas, Ontatio. L9H3H3

Phone: none
Email: ewagg@biederman.ca
Website: https://biederman.ca/grease-cartridges/

Company Profile

Biederman Enterprises Ltd. is proud to be the manufacture of the number one plastic grease cartridge in North America for over 25 years. With multiple production lines, we are dedicated to fulfilling not only the high demand for the Biederman cartridge, but also for fulfilling the expectation’s customers have for their grease cartridge. That means giving customers a great looking cartridge, getting it to them when they need it and ensuring their customers can work with it without any issues.

Surveys conducted in Machinery Lubrication indicate that end users have expressed concern that grease remain contaminant-free. They say they prefer using the Biederman cartridge for many reasons but because it also ensures that no package particles will get into the grease. Our grease cartridges allow users to get all of the grease out of the tube without the cartridge cracking or creating a mess in their toolboxes.

Our existing customers have come to appreciate the quality and service that the Biederman cartridge represents for their business and brand and we’ve been the number one choice in the marketplace because of our:
• End-to-End Customer Service
• Rigorous Quality Standards
• Professional Design
• 6-colour Offset Print and Production Capabilities
• Fast Turnaround Times

Biederman also includes sustainability in all its decisions, processes and finished goods. From capturing and recycling all internal production scrap, to including PIR and PCR in packaging materials, to minimizing waste in all areas of our processes and systems, Biederman is committed to being an environmentally responsible leader in the packaging industry.

Using the latest technology, Biederman ensures maintenance of strict quality control standards. Choosing Biederman will enhance your brand by providing a durable weather-resistant plastic body with a stable easy-pull aluminum end and a safe easy-to-use cartridge to your valued customers that keeps their grease protected and free from contaminants and keeps them working all day long.

Experience the difference of a Biederman plastic grease cartridge.

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