Enviropeel USA

Address: 1128 South West Street
Indianapolis, Indiana. 46225

Phone: 317 631900
Email: ivan@enviropeelusa.com
Website: http://www.enviropeelusa.com

Company Profile

Enviropeel USA is the manufacturing and distribution arm of Enviropeel Holdings, global brand owner for the Enviropeel system. It designs and manufactures Enviropeel equipment and material in Indianapolis, USA. Enviropeel is a sprayable corrosion-inhibiting thermoplastic that protects bearings and rotating equipment, preventing the ingress of dirt and contaminants along shafts into bearing assemblies. For mining and other industries that use conveyors and other equipment in dirty environments, Enviropeel consistently increases bearing reliability by over 500%. In marine, refining and offshore industries, Enviropeel stops corrosion in flanges and bolted connections with one simple application, breaking the corrosion cycle and preventing further deterioration. Enviropeel is environmentally safe, reusable and recyclable. The system uses specially designed mobile units to safely melt and apply the Enviropeel material on to substrates of any shape or size in almost any environment. The units are available in a range of sizes, all of which can easily be deployed and used by single individuals. Enviropeel services are available from its own trained project teams or equipment can be supplied, together with training, for use by service providers or company personnel.

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