Poseidon Systems

Address: 200 Canal View Boulevard
Rochester, NY. 14623
United States

Phone: (585) 239-6025
Email: STEPHEN.STEEN@poseidonsys.com
Website: https://www.poseidonsys.com/

Company Profile

Poseidon Systems provides the latest Industrial IoT solution for digitization of oils/fluids through industry leading wear debris & oil quality monitoring. Monitor, extend, and predict the RUL of asset and fluid health via this 24/7 monitoring service. Get up to 2-3 times more life from your engine oils; detect fault conditions at the earliest possible point in time. Poseidon develops and manufactures real-time condition monitoring solutions; with core expertise is in fluid diagnostics, particularly metallic wear debris monitoring and oil condition monitoring. Poseidon supports the design and production of customer-specific sensing and monitoring solutions, integrating temperature, vibration, proximity, etc. easily to implement a holistic approach to machine health.

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