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BEKAWORLD Helps Industrial Equipment To Run Easy, Run Longer 

Manufacturing and process industries run on grease.

With equipment operating in demanding conditions, often running 24/7, plant managers rely on lubrication to keep process equipment and conveyors performing reliably – like a “well-oiled machine.” 

BEKAWORLD LP (formerly known as Beka-Max of America, Inc.) specializes in helping industrial operations to maintain their lubrication discipline easily and consistently, with less downtime. With operators and technicians always under time pressures, greasing the equipment is often seen as one of those “it can wait” items on the to-do list. With Beka-Max’s single-point lubrication circuits and automatic lube systems, managers can rest assured that their equipment gets the service it needs without relying on busy staff to perform the required tasks.

Dave McDougall, the Product Manager for BEKAWORLD, explains that numerous options are available for equipment people to make their lives easier. “Our line-up of lubrication products range from professional-duty steel grease guns to fully automated systems that deliver precise doses of grease at timed intervals to every service point on complex machinery. In between are compact pumps designed to serve a specific hard-to-reach grease point, and progressive circuits that allow technicians to manually serve multiple points through a single grease port.” 

Automatic greasing solutions
The gold standard in equipment lubrication is an automated greasing system that provides complete unattended servicing with only occasional refills of the built-in grease reservoir. This means grease circuits running from a central pump lubricate multiple service points through a series of progressive distribution blocks. The dosing amount for each point is determined by the connection ports on each block, and service intervals are set by controls on the pump.

Unlike manual greasing methods, automated systems lubricate the machine’s wear points while they are moving, so all surfaces get full coverage. Service intervals can be set to minutes instead of hours or days so that these surfaces keep a consistent level of lubrication throughout their operating cycle. The equipment stays cooler, never misses a service check and it lasts longer. These systems can also provide alarms to indicate when the grease reservoir is depleted. They may even include a shut-off switch to ensure that the equipment can’t start until its pump is refilled. By making lubrication a continuous integral part of the process, there’s no need to shut down production lines for scheduled grease service.

While BEKA-MAX pumps are available in many sizes with capacity for up to 16 kg (35 lbs) of grease, its smaller PICO pumps are designed to service up to 8 grease points on compact equipment or more with the addition of distributor blocks. The newest addition to the line-up, the BEKAONE pump, is fully self-contained with its own battery power to operate for up to 2 years. Offered in sizes down to 3” diameter, the BEKAONE provides automated service to a single grease point, designed for those wear areas that are hidden and may be difficult or unsafe for technicians to service on a routine schedule.  

A step up for manual greasing
In recent years, McDougall has found increasing interest in systems that provide the convenience of progressive grease circuits without the expense of an automated pump. Technicians simply attach their grease gun to a standard zerk, and the distribution blocks ensure that the correct amount of grease goes to each service point. These multi-point systems save time for technicians, reducing downtime for the machine, and they ensure that no service point is overlooked. 

In large facilities, plant managers will often use these circuits as a first step toward full automation, spreading out the cost of a complete solution. They start by installing a circuit for the most time-consuming or most hazardous service points, and add more circuits to remaining points later. Ultimately, the grease lines can be all tied together and connected to a Beka pump and control system for full automation.

For traditionally-minded technicians, BEKAWORLD also supplies the MATO line of manual grease guns. Constructed of steel and machined to ensure clean operation, MATO grease guns are offered with a variety of hand-operated grips and levers, as well as battery-powered and pneumatic models. The new LubeJet grease gun gives technicians a portable sprayer allowing simple, controlled servicing to conveyor chains and large grease surfaces such as telescoping booms.   

Clean, safe, efficient
Whether your solution is manual or automated, the controlled dosing and quality manufacturing of BEKA products means cleaner greasing in the field and in the shop. Fewer leaks and spills save clean-up time and provide a safer work environment for both technicians and operators. It also means less waste, and lower grease costs.

Like all industrial equipment, the long-term value of your greasing system depends on the support network behind it. BEKAWORLD takes pride in providing access to factory experts, with the ability to provide immediate troubleshooting advice and nearby repair parts. From designing and installing complex autolube systems to responsive aftersales service, BEKA has the complete lubrication solution for your operation.

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