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Oil analysis reports can be overly detailed, confusing, and not very user friendly. If your team doesn’t understand what they are looking at or how to correlate to your equipment – what’s the point? Using a sports analogy we will explain a quick and easy technique of what to get from your lab and how to quickly and efficiently interpret your test results so everyone on your team can easily tell the health of the oil in any system in your facility. By clarifying and streamlining your oil analysis process and procedures you can stay in front of potential issues and keep your vital assets in peak condition, reducing down time and extending the life of the oil and the equipment. Making yourself and your oil analysis more valuable is a winning formula.
Gearboxes, which often come from the OEM without dedicated or an adequate filtration system, can pose a great danger for pre-mature failure within a short segment of time and can be very costly from a repair standpoint. It is critically important to keep these systems performing at an optimal level, especially in the most severe and important applications of Power Generation. Find out how proper filtration solutions increase the life cycle of your systems and reduce costly repairs and downtime.
This paper describes the machine condition measurement system which combines particle count data and elemental analysis information in two closely interlinked measurement phases. This machine condition tool is part of a portable product that also measures lubricant condition using viscosity and IR to complete the overall condition monitoring picture. The paper compares existing analytical techniques used to quantify wear conditions and contrasts them with the new techniques and methodologies the device uses. Finally, this paper presents case studies that use the device to show how the measurements compare to other analytical techniques in different machine condition monitoring applications.
Lubrication of rolling element bearings is one of the most misunderstood and abused maintenance tasks in industry. How do you know when a bearing needs grease? How much grease does the bearing need? If greasing on a time based schedule is your method of operations, you need to Hear More. Download handbook and learn how to improve reliability and save money with ultrasound by making lubrication a condition-based task instead of a time-based task. Download your copy now!

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