Allen Flores

Allen Flores’ role at Reed Minerals – HARSCO is to ensure that the company’s plants are productive, efficient and effective. He started with the company as a plant foreman, then was promoted to plant supervisor, and now has moved into the role of maintenance supervisor. Allen has been with this company and in this industry for the past two years. The firm makes roofing granules and abrasive products such as shot blast media, sandpaper media, road fill, etc. He spent the previous 20-plus years working in the steel industry. Allen began his career working for Bar Processing Corporation in the steel bar industry in 1983. He hired in as a machine operator and worked his way up to a lead-man position one year later, a supervisory position a year after that, to general foreman one year later, and then to plant manager the following year. He left that company after 11 years and worked for Castle Metals (A.M.Castle & Co.) for the next 12 years, again starting out as an operator, then promoted to supervisor at Castle’s H.A. Industries in Hammond, Ind. He was soon given the opportunity as plant manager of Castle’s KSI (Keystone Services Inc.), a chrome plating facility located in LaPorte, Ind. KSI was eventually shut down. He then headed to Castle Metals’ central location, located in Franklin Park, Ill., where he took the role as assistant plant manager.

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