Tool aids safety and torque management

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Defects from inaccurate amounts of torque during construction and maintenance - such as deformation of components, breach in bolts and screws, and looseness in assembly parts - can cause life-threatening accidents. Torque management is therefore required to ensure safety and security.

Recently, the demand for accurate torque management is especially high, as high-performance, lightweight automobiles and motorcycles use more aluminum and plastic materials than ever.

KTC has developed Digi Ratchet, a ratchet-like tool to allow for torque management at every stage of maintenance and manufacturing.

Digi Ratchet uses a beam-type grip that can conduct accurate measurement by concentrating efforts into a single point. It digitally returns detailed outputs in as low as 0.05N m.

It is easy to configure and operate the tool; measurement modes can be configured when the switch is turned on, and it works like an ordinary ratchet handle. Two measurement modes are available to respond to a variety of torque management.

When the torque has reached the preconfigured value the built-in LED lights up and an alarm beeps. The memory can store up to five preconfigurations - ideal for repeated routines.

Digi Ratchet features user-friendly functions, including a "unified claw," "36-teeth gears," and the "union structure" that prevents sockets from being detached unintentionally. With the grip locked, it can be used as a ratchet handle as well.

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