The Center for Aerospace Manufacturing Technologies (CAMT) at the University of Missouri-Rolla was established in May 2004 by UMR in partnership with Boeing Phantom Works in St. Louis and the Air Force Research Laboratory in Dayton, Ohio. It is aimed at serving as a center of excellence in the nation for the development and transition of manufacturing technology to the aerospace community.

CAMT consists of the following 10 technology thrust areas: advanced simulation, high-speed machining, abrasive slurry cutting, rapid prototyping, laser materials processing, friction stir processing, non-chrome coating, non-destructive evaluation, composites manufacturing and electronic materials processing. It involves about 35 faculty members and more than 60 research staff and students from several academic disciplines including mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, metallurgical engineering, ceramic engineering, mining engineering, engineering management and chemistry.

The close collaboration between UMR, Boeing Phantom Works and the Air Force Research Laboratory ensures effective technology transfer and broader project impact.
Learn about the center by viewing this 4-minute, 18-second video.