Harmonizing CMMI framework and Six Sigma

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Tags: lean manufacturing

How can process improvement efforts meet business and mission goals more effectively and efficiently? One way might be through harmonizing multiple process model frameworks, a complex and challenging approach for organizations.

In this discussion and question-and-answer session, Jeannine M. Siviy focuses first on the pairing of the CMMI framework and Six Sigma, two leading process improvement approaches, and then shows how that combination serves as a basis for understanding a multi-model environment. Siviy is a leading researcher in the application of Six Sigma to software process improvement and the broader challenges of multimodel improvement, and she has studied CMMI and Six Sigma relationships as a member of the SEIs measurement and analysis team, where she also conducted data analysis and architected an analysis training curriculum. Her work spans commercial and Department of Defense customers.

A Six Sigma black belt, Siviy has also authored CMMI and Six Sigma: Partners in Process Improvement, part of the SEI book series in software engineering from Addison Wesley.

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