Self-cleaning magnetic drum separator

RP news wires, Noria Corporation

The XTractor Metal Separator is one of the newest addition to the Bunting Magnetics Company lineup of magnetic separation equipment. The XTractor, which offers superior high-volume metal separation, features a self-cleaning magnetic drum separator that provides continuous separation of ferrous and non-ferrous material for recycling purposes.

Any manufacturing operation that is producing scrap can use this new application in their operation. In particular, fabrication and machine shop operators can experience dramatic bottom-line profits. Since 2003, the prices for scrap have risen dramatically. The XTractor Metal Separator allows for the proper segmentation of ferrous and non-ferrous material. By separating these scrap materials into distinct groups, recycling facilities will offer higher dollar value per pound for the clean separated material. This allows any company to earn significantly larger revenue when the separated scrap is sent for recycling.

The XTractor separates scrap from a variety of machines including stamping and punch presses, torch or EDM machines, lathes and milling equipment. The unique Bunting drum separators contained in the XTractor are especially well suited for the separation of ferrous and non-ferrous materials.


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