Leading from strength, making a difference

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By identifying and further developing our unique talents and character strengths, we contribute more effectively and enjoy the process. This 40-minute talk will draw on findings from positive psychology, brain science, and resilience research to describe practical strategies for articulating passions and reaching goals.

Participants will hear about two reputable online strengths surveys and learn how to call on the five key strengths that have been correlated with fulfillment and success. 

The speaker, Carolyn Foster, will focus on applying these findings to Googlers' experience and offering suggestions for ongoing development.

Strengths-based leadership is at the heart of Foster's coaching philosophy. The latest research confirms that leading from strength rather than focusing on deficits creates lasting personal satisfaction and high performance. By identifying and further developing their unique talents and character strengths, Googlers can contribute more effectively in all areas of their job responsibilities. Offering support and accountability, Carolyn guides clients to meet their goals as part of an overall strategic plan for professional success and enjoyment.

She has created a strengths-based curriculum keyed to two online research instruments that she uses with individuals and leadership teams in her business, Creative Choices. Carolyn teaches at Stanford Continuing Studies and UC Extension. Offering retreats and workshops for professional and personal development allows her to work with a wide range of organizations in California and around the country. Previously, she taught adults for 10 years in a graduate psychology program and spent 10 years in the counseling field.

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