Cool tool solves slippery forklift problem

RP news wires, Noria Corporation
Tags: inventory management
ForkGrips solve the common problem of forks being too short and too slippery to unload cargo that is barely within reach. ForkGrips allow cargo to be dragged closer to the edge of the truck by using just the tips of the forks without the cargo slipping off. With the cargo closer, the forklift is now able to reach safely under the load to easily remove it from the truck.

Expensive damage can happen to the cargo and the truck when the cargo slips off the ends of the forks. More importantly, trying to get the load off the truck in this situation can seriously injure the workers. ForkGrips reduce the chance of truck drivers and other employees getting hurt in accidents. Employees won't be injured by falling from the truck bed or from cargo falling onto them while assisting the forklift driver in getting cargo off the truck.

ForkGrips are placed around the ends of the forks when needed and fit all standard forks up to six inches wide. They eliminate the need to wait for chains or straps to be wrapped around the cargo so it can be dragged closer. ForkGrips also eliminate the damage to the product caused by chains and straps. ForkGrips allow cargo to be unloaded without a pallet jack or waiting for a dock to become available.
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