Industry leaders discuss maintenance crisis

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We welcome you to view a very inspiring event addressing the strategic importance of maintenance now online at The debate focuses on sustainable industrial activity in Europe and worldwide, with emphasis on the role of maintenance and asset management. Global economy has made equipment reliability a strategic issue.

Properly leveraging asset uptime is one of a company's few opportunities to increase income in ever-tightening markets with high demands and price pressures, by increasing production capacity at the lowest possible manufacturing cost.

Furthermore, high reliability increases customer satisfaction (fewer supply delays) and ensures compliance with ever-more rigorous environmental and safety regulations. In short, innovation in maintenance and reliability are the keys to sustainable industrial activity.

Learn from the opinions and insights of following captains of Industry:

- Volker Knabe - Corporate director of engineering & maintenance of BASF Worldwide

- Max Bataille - Vice president of European manufacturing, Baxter

- Patrick De Groote - CEO Koramic Industries and president of Bemas, the Belgian Maintenance Association

- Wijnand Moonen - General manager of asset management, EMEA, Lloyd's Register

- Dan Bradley - President, SKF Reliability Services

- Jan Bruggenthijs - President, Stork Industry Services

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