Tour of Baker Ballistics plant in Pennsylvania

National Association of Manufacturers

Threats to law enforcement come in many forms, and the Baker Batshield stands in their way, especially in dangerous situations involving ammunition and explosives.

In this week's "Cool Stuff Being Made," Rick Armellino, director and CEO, shows us the manufacturing process behind the shield, walking us through the highlights of Baker Ballistics' Lancaster, Pa., plant.

The Baker ballistics shield works like a collapsable tent – unfurl the flexible armor from its packed state and, boom, protection from ammunitions fire and explosions. The product was born out of the 30-year evolution of tactical “Bunker” shields, first introduced to American law enforcement in the early 1980s.

Watch how it's made and don't miss the product demo!

To the good people at Pennsylvania Cable Network, we extend cordial regards for sending this latest manufacturing documentary our way.

And speaking of video ... Baker Ballistics has an entire Web page devoted to video of its products in action. Active Shooter Response ... High-Risk Vehicle Stop ... Hand/Long Gun Deployment, etc.

Access this 10-minute video by clicking on the link below.