Yale Materials Handling offers new safety resources

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Yale Materials Handling Corporation, a market leader in lift trucks, introduces three safety resources for companies of all sizes. Yale’s programs and resources are designed to improve safety and productivity, while helping companies to protect personnel, equipment and product.


“Yale is committed to making the workplace a more productive, efficient, and above all, a safer environment for our customers and all companies,” said Don Chance, president of Yale Materials Handling Corporation. “The training and support services we offer complement existing safety programs companies have in place, and provide unique and interactive ways to learn about product and workplace safety.”


Operator Training

Yale Operator Training is an innovative system that helps companies to meet OSHA standards and policies through lift truck operator and safety instruction. More than 30,000 people have been trained in this in-depth, easy-to-use program, which reflects Industrial Truck Association recommendations, modern training methods and key suggestions by trainers and safety directors. Adaptable for larger or smaller fleets, Yale also offers English, Spanish and French video instruction to fit any company’s needs.


Workplace Resource

Newly available is a free educational wall poster that provides an overview of the safety “do’s and don’t’s” for the workplace. The colorful poster, perfect for the breakroom or near the time clock station, offers key lift truck safety tips ideal for any company that uses a lift truck in its operation.


Interactive, Online Game

Managers and lift truck operators can learn more about safety from any computer with an internet connection. “For the Long Run,” an interactive video game exclusive to Yale, allows the user to select a lift truck and run through three challenging levels, moving product on pallets through a warehouse and into a truck. The game is free to play at www.yale.com.


For more information on Yale Operator Training, visit the www.yale.com, or speak with a Yale representative at 800-233-YALE.

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