Guilin Paper applies green technology in waste treatment

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Guilin Paper Inc., a leading manufacturer of paper products and wood pulp in Guangdong and Guangxi provinces in China, is committed to using its technologies to promote the use of more environmentally friendly and sustainable processes in paper manufacturing.

In 2007, the company expanded extensive efforts in implementing new technology in its manufacturing process to improve energy efficiency and to reduce waste production. Compared to 2006, the company reduced its water consumption by 38 percent and its waste water discharge by 26.8 percent. These reductions were mainly attributed to improvements in the companys water recycling and purification systems. As a result of the implementation of these environmentally friendly practices and technology, the companys current water consumption level is less than half of the Peoples Republic of Chinas national standards for the paper manufacturing sector.

Also, in 2007, the company reduced solid waste by 3,000 tons by applying new technology for solid waste treatment and coal power plant heat recycling, well below the PRC permitted emission levels. Furthermore, the company reduced its coal consumption by 0.29 kilogram per 1,000 watts of electricity produced per hour.

The company expects to launch advanced fuel gas dust removal and desulfurization technology to its coal-fired boiler by end of November 2007, which is expected to reduce sulfur dioxide emission up to 80 percent.

Zhang Fangde, the CEO of Guilin Paper, stated, We are very proud of our achievements in exceeding the PRC governments environmental regulatory requirements. We believe that our record of environmental compliance and our continuous efforts in developing and implementing green technology in paper manufacturing has been a positive factor in obtaining regulatory approvals in the expansion of our production.

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