DuPont enhances STOP For Each Other safety program

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DuPont Safety Resources on October 17 announced that it has made a variety of enhancements to STOP For Each Other, a key product in its portfolio of safety offerings.

The new version of STOP For Each Other combines the best teachings from the former STOP for Employees and STOP for Each Other programs to reflect more of the safety challenges of today’s workplace. Enhancements to STOP For Each Other include:

  • Interactive, e-learning workbooks provide both audio and visual learning experiences, as well as 24/7 access to training, allowing learners to go at their own speed at the time they choose.
  • Streamlined workbooks and DVDs that allow for quicker, easier and more effective implementation.
  • Increased opportunities for participants to practice skills and apply learnings.
  • More user-friendly approach to the already acclaimed administrator’s and leader’s guides.

“Through individual self-study, group meetings and field application, STOP For Each Other teaches employees to rely on themselves and each other to stay safe. This approach has been shown to foster increased peer-to-peer communication about safety, allowing safety to become second nature to the individual and, over time, a greater part of the company culture,” said Andy Perrella, global product manager – DuPont Safety Resources. “Successful execution of STOP For Each Other often results in employees bringing good safety habits into the home, further extending the value of this program.”


The DuPont portfolio of safety offerings helps organizations across a wide range of industries and geographic regions improve safety performance through a suite of mutually enhancing offerings. These products and services deliver the best value when used together, but each can also be deployed as standalone solutions. The portfolio includes the STOP series of programs which teaches workplace safety auditing skills for observing people while they work, with steps to reinforce safe work practices and correct unsafe acts and conditions.


“Through the portfolio approach, DuPont can help organizations implement the right program elements at the right time and remain an ongoing resource in their pursuit of worldclass safety performance,” Perrella said. “Beyond helping create a safer workplace and work force, proper engagement of the DuPont portfolio of safety offerings can lead to improved employee morale, increased worker retention and a positive impact on the bottom line.”

With a workplace safety record 11 times better than the nation’s industrial average according to statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor, DuPont has established itself as a leader in industrial safety.  In fact, STOP was originally developed at the request of DuPont partners and customers who were seeking to replicate the company’s successful approach to safety.  The National Safety Council awarded its 2006 Green Cross for Safety Medallion to DuPont in recognition of the company’s outstanding achievements in safety and health, community service and responsible citizenship.  Most recently, DuPont received two 2007 “Excellence in Safety Training Awards” from Workplace HR and Safety Magazine.

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