N.C. State expands online training in Lean Six Sigma

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North Carolina State University’s College of Textiles and Industrial Extension Service have expanded their Lean Six Sigma programming to include online Lean Six Sigma courses. The College and IES now offer a menu of classroom training and certifications related to Six Sigma methodologies in addition to corporate implementation support. NC State’s Office of Technology Transfer worked closely with MoreSteam.com to facilitate the partnership and to enable the college to offer web-based courses for Lean Six Sigma black belt, green belt, and yellow belt training.

"One of the drivers of this expansion to our already successful existing program is to help North Carolina businesses prosper and generate more wealth for the state," states Dr. Timothy Clapp, director of Textile Extension Education for Economic Development. "By working with N.C. State's Industrial Extension Service and implementing initiatives such as Six Sigma and Lean Enterprise, clients reported that they have already achieved benefits worth more than $500 million for the state of North Carolina. By the end of 2010, N.C. State's Industrial Extension Service has set the goal to generate $1 billion in wealth for the state in a campaign called 1B4NC."

"The Six Sigma pioneers, such as Motorola and General Electric continue to generate value through their utilization of Six Sigma methodologies. We've helped other companies follow suit in their continuing quest to provide virtually defect-free products and services while reducing process costs. In this way, we bring value not only to the state of North Carolina, but to the consumers across the world," comments Dr. Blanton Godfrey, dean of the College of Textiles. "Offering an online option makes Six Sigma more accessible to small and medium size companies seeking to implement and sustain Six Sigma programs. Instead of just a classroom option, we can now offer three options: traditional classroom training, online training, or a blended learning program incorporating online learning with classroom sessions. Companies find it beneficial to offer online training so that individuals can direct their own training schedule to suit their specific needs. The net result is that training time is optimized and the overall cost of training is reduced."

The NCSU courses are immediately available and utilize MoreSteam.com's delivery for on-demand access. MoreSteam, which has trained more than 120,000 process improvement practitioners, delivers all of its eLearning from Web-based platforms, enabling immediately scalable training deployments with global reach, without associated travel. The multi-media training can be started or stopped at any time, offering complete scheduling flexibility in a self-paced environment. 

"We are delighted to join N.C. State in it's efforts to serve North Carolina," said MoreSteam.com president Bill Hathaway. "The combination of N.C. State's expertise in applying Lean and Six Sigma with MoreSteam.com's eLearning has the potential to accelerate the already impressive results achieved by N.C. State's Industrial Extension Service."

To learn more about N.C. State's Six Sigma eLearning offerings, or to register for an online course, visit http://www.moresteam.com/university/ncsu.cfm. For additional Information about N.C. State's classroom or onsite Lean and Six Sigma programming, visit www.tx.ncsu.edu/sixsigma/courses/courses_overview.htm. To register for Six Sigma classroom programs, call Alisa Lowery, Six Sigma program manager at 919-515-6534 or e-mail Alisa_Lowery@ncsu.edu.

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