BP breaks ground on first wind project in Texas

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BP broke ground September 12 on its first wind project in Texas. The project, named Silver Star I, is located 80 miles southwest of the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area. The 60-megawatt (MW), $100 million project is owned 85 percent by BP Alternative Energy and 15 percent by Clipper Windpower.

Silver Star I will utilize 24 Clipper 2.5 MW wind turbine generators, the largest wind turbines built in the U.S., and will be the first application at scale of Clipper's new C-96 wind turbine technology for BP. The project is expected to be commercially operational in the first quarter of 2008 and on completion will generate enough carbon-free electricity to power approximately 24,000 average American homes.

"Wind power is domestic, cost-competitive and offers rural communities a fresh revenue stream without impact to traditional farming and grazing practices," said Bob Malone, chairman and president of BP America. "BP believes that sustainable energy alternatives and the development of the wind industry are in the best interests of the nation and the State of Texas – the leading state in installed wind power capacity."

The project will employ more than 100 people during its construction.

"We are very pleased to be partnering with BP, a world leader in renewable energy projects, as we break ground on the first Liberty wind turbine installations in the great State of Texas," said James G.P. Dehlsen, chairman and CEO of Clipper Windpower. "Clipper's commitment to both the success of its wind turbine technology and development of wind generating facilities is well reflected in the Clipper group's long-term ownership interest in the Silver Star project. The Liberty wind turbines, with their scale and state- of-the-art drivetrain with unique permanent magnet generators, provide a powerful showcase for the potential of renewable energy's contribution to the grid, reducing dependence on carbon fuels, and eliminating harmful emissions."

BP's U.S. wind portfolio includes the opportunity to develop almost 100 projects with a potential total generating capacity of 15,000 MW. These projects are the result of several agreements and acquisitions the company made last year.

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