BMW Group recruits 1,214 apprentices and trainees

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A total of 1,214 young people will start training with the BMW Group this year. In Germany alone, 1,148 trainees will be starting their careers.

Worldwide, there are another 66 trainees who will take up apprenticeships in plants in Great Britain and in Steyr, Austria. Manfred Theunert, head of BMW Group Vocational Training, stated: “Vocational qualifications are more important today than ever before. This is why we are so pleased to have been able to keep the number of new recruits at a high level.”

In the seven German plants, the BMW Group will be training 719 youngsters. Most school-leavers will start their apprenticeships in the plants in Munich (274) and Dingolfing (262). Another 183 are shared between Regensburg (90), Leipzig (35), Landshut (28), Berlin (24) and Eisenach (six).

In the 18 German retail subsidiaries of the BMW Group, there will be 414 trainees starting their courses in automobile retail, warehouse logistics and car mechatronics.

BMW Group youth promotion
In the last three years, the BMW has continuously expanded its Dual Vocational Training Program with advanced technical college entrance qualification (DBFH). This year there will be as many as 182 young job starters beginning a training course which will allow them to acquire both a qualification as a skilled worker and a college entrance certificate. This dual training is offered in one commercial profession and five technical professions, with the aim of paving the way for successful candidates to enter tertiary education.


The Youth Promotion Program is directed at school-leavers who already have a university entrance certificate. Here there will be 27 higher secondary school graduates embarking on studies at technical college as part of this program as of September, in combination with a BMW Group apprenticeship. By enabling young people to acquire qualifications early on, the company seeks to promote the skilled workers of the future. The training of prospective engineers is the main focus of these BMW Group programs.

Proportion of girls in training
The BMW Group offers numerous activities and projects in order to encourage interest in technical professions among young women in particular. At events such as Girl's Day or the Practical Day for girls, young women have the opportunity to gain an insight into technical professions. Such campaigns have helped raise the proportion of girls in the commercial and technical field to some 20 percent.

Entry qualification for youngsters without a trainee position
As part of the National Pact for Training and Young Skilled Workers, the BMW Group exercises its social responsibility and offers an entry qualification for young people who have not obtained a trainee position. Due to the high number of school-leavers in Bavaria, additional positions will be offered this year. As of November, 45 young people will be starting a nine-month qualification program in Munich in the fields of commerce, electrical engineering and metalwork. In Leipzig. In Leipzig there are an additional five places. The aim of the entry qualification is for candidates to secure a trainee contract in the subsequent year. Many participants from last year have been given a trainee position this year due to their excellent work during the entry qualification program.



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