Magnet safety is chief concern for Ohio manufacturer

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In the midst of massive recalls for everything from toothpaste to toys, corporate leaders across the country are feeling the pressure to know and control the contents of the products they manufacture, distribute and market. While many businesses are looking at Chinese manufacturing processes for the first time, a magnet manufacturer operating in Washington County, Ohio, began looking at the content safety issue years ago.

Randy White, director of sales and marketing at Magnum Magnetics, said, "Our customers – printers and purchasers of promotional items – aren't usually creating or distributing products specifically for children. But we realized that, realistically, the safety of our product was critical, because magnets grace the fronts and sides of America's refrigerators and kids are never far from the food."

The company, based in Marietta, Ohio, has been testing their flexible magnetic material for heavy metals content, including lead and other toxins, for more than 10 years and has consistently met heavy metals content standards for toy safety since that time.

Because the materials they manufacture find their way into millions of American households in the form of refrigerator magnets, the company considered that, ultimately, those magnets may fall into the hands of a child. Magnum also knew that the manufacturing processes of other countries, China specifically, were loosely monitored.

"The Chinese manufacturing environment lends itself to the types of crucial and dangerous errors we are all now reading about. Printers who buy magnetic material from China and the businesses who purchase that finished magnet may be putting children and their own livelihood at risk," said White.

Through their sales force, product literature and advertising efforts, Magnum Magnetics has consistently reinforced the "know what's in your magnet" message.

In addition to monitoring the safety of their products, Magnum also places an emphasis on recycling. Waste generated through trimming or production is introduced back into the manufacturing process. The company also accepts certain scrap from the printers who use their materials at no charge other than shipping.

Magnum Magnetics Corporation was founded in 1991. The company has two manufacturing and production facilities in Washington and Noble Counties, Ohio and produces a broad range of trademarked flexible, printable magnetic materials.

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