Presentation explains plant energy-management guidelines

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A new downloadable presentation from the CECO Energy Management Team details the cost impact of wasted energy in industrial buildings and processes, and explains the solution steps to reduce the energy component of manufacturing costs. Posted on the CECO homepage (, the presentation explains how seven-figure savings are attainable and justified, with payback periods of a year or two in many cases.


The presentation shows how when energy costs are treated as a component of cost-of-goods-sold, it becomes easier to understand the importance of managing the cost, much like labor or raw materials. The presentation states that 60 to 80 percent of a plant's energy costs typically go into the manufacturing process, representing massive opportunities for savings that go directly to the bottom line. According to the Department of Energy, the manufacturing-cost component for energy will increase 50 percent in the next three years. The steps for managing process energy – assessment, analysis and reporting – are explained and supported with case histories.


CECO Environmental is North America's largest single-source provider of turnkey solutions for air pollution control and industrial ventilation. Services include energy and emissions audits, compliance testing, custom system design, sheet-metal fabrication and system installation.

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