DOE pinpoints top 200 energy-consuming plants

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The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) finalized its list of 200 of the nation’s largest energy-consuming plants set to receive a no-cost energy savings assessment. The 200 industrial plants, which represent 15 percent of U.S. manufacturing natural gas use, could realize significant energy and cost savings through assistance from a DOE Energy Expert. These experts will help the plants determine immediate and long-term ways to optimize energy use in steam and process heating systems.

As a primary goal of DOE’s Easy Ways to Save Energy campaign, DOE is helping industrial plants save energy during this time of high energy prices. DOE is on track to assess manufacturing facilities consuming natural gas equivalent to the amount of energy used by almost 14 million typical U.S. homes burning natural gas.

Recommendations made on the first six assessments, if implemented, could reduce total plant natural gas consumption by more than 6 percent and save $10 million per year in energy costs for those plants alone.

For a complete list of selected manufacturers visit:

Companies interested in accessing DOE energy saving resources can also get more details and request brochures detailing "Fifteen Tips to Help Your Plant Save Energy" on the same Web site.

For tips on easy, inexpensive steps consumers can take to lower their energy bills this winter, please visit or call DOE’s Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Hotline at 877-337-3463.

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