TBM announces launch of lean certification program

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TBM Consulting Group, a global business improvement leader for the manufacturing and service sectors, announced May 14 the launch of its “Lean Certification Training” program. Developed by TBM’s LeanSigma Institute, the new course will develop in-house expertise to guide the use of LeanSigma methodologies as a productivity improvement tool.


Taught by TBM lean veterans, courses will be delivered through a blend of personal involvement, skill demonstration and interactive mentoring. The program is designed to give lean certification candidates hands-on experience and knowledge in the following critical areas:

  • Developing a Lean Transformation Plan
  • Application of Basic Lean Tool Kit Including Fundamentals of Toyota Production System
  • Kaizen Event Experience and Sustainment Skills
  • Tools and Techniques for Sustaining Critical Performance Metrics
  • Advance Instructor Training
  • Completion of a Personalysis Performance Inventory of Individual Skill Sets

Over a period of four months, candidates participate in a series of hands-on workshops that include training and simulations as well as real time lean activities conducted at a manufacturing facility. In order to receive a lean certification diploma, students are required to take a final exam and present individual improvement projects with the results.


“The new TBM Lean Certification program provides lean practitioners the vehicle to earn professional credentials that will validate their ability to implement lean within their own organizations,” said Mike Serena, managing director of TBM LeanSigma Institute. “Having an in-house lean expert is a necessity for any company that wishes to apply the benefits of the Toyota Business System in a continuous and holistic way. Our unique, comprehensive program provides real world actionable steps for guiding a cultural transformation that will quickly achieve measurable results. In fact, we guarantee a minimum of three to five times return on training investment.”


TBM will run multiple tracks of lean certification training throughout the year in order to meet the needs of different industry segments including: discrete manufacturing, machine-shop manufacturing, process industries and business process for companies with a transactional focus. Classes hold a maximum of 15 students.


For more information, visit www.tbmcg.com/leancertification.

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