Huco Dynatork extends capability, continues Six Sigma

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Huco Dynatork’s development in recent years is a real success story. Now part of the Altra Group, this Hertford, United Kingdom-based manufacturer of precision motion control and power transmission products has quietly and consistently grown its business through greater export sales and the acquisition of new and complementary product lines. 

The company’s takeover of the Dynatork brand has proved a particular success resulting in its air motors now being sold worldwide via Huco’s established distributor network. Its appointment as U.K. distributor for Guardian engine couplings has also significantly increased turnover and as a result Huco Dynatork has now taken on another manufacturing unit at its Hertford site.

This move expands the company’s manufacturing facility by a third. 


“It will allow us to improve production flow and create individual product cells as part of our continuing commitment to bringing sustained order and efficiency to the workplace,” explained joint managing director David Lockett.


The initiative includes process improvement through kaizen, value-stream mapping, setup reduction and Six Sigma quality controls. 

“Our expansion will give us better visibility of production issues and improve information flow,” says Davis. “Product lead-times at Huco Dynatork are already pretty good, but we expect this latest move to tighten these even more.”

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