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J.J. Keller & Associates Inc. has named Norbert Alsup of Hobart, Okla., as the 2006 KellerOnline Safety Professional of the Year (SPOTY). The SPOTY award is sponsored by KellerOnline, a Web-based safety management tool.


Alsup, environmental health and safety manager for SKF Sealing Solutions, was chosen to receive the award based on his contributions and experience with the automotive oil and grease seal manufacturing company.
SKF Sealing Solutions currently has 208 employees in its southwest Oklahoma plant. This plant has achieved zero accidents for more than a year, which has been a struggle in the past.


“I have support from top corporate officials, the plant manager, peers and all employees,” said Alsup. “I have seen a change in our culture, which made zero accidents happen.”


When asked what contributed to his success, Alsup replied, “It is impossible to pinpoint one specific item or individual that made this happen. There were several combined efforts and the belief by the entire plant that safety is a shared responsibility, all of which I believe contributed to the great accomplishment of a year without accidents.”


“A good safety attitude makes a big difference. I enjoy helping others be safe at work and at home,” concluded Alsup.


Alsup will receive a $2,500 cash award during a special ceremony planned in Neenah, Wis., along with a plaque, a certificate and one year’s use of KellerOnline for himself and others in his organization.


Larry Pecor, director of safety and loss control for Paris Kirwan & Associates, Rochester, N.Y., was awarded second place. He will receive a $500 cash award, a plaque, a certificate and a one-year subscription to KOL.


Like Alsup, Pecor agrees that employee involvement is key. “It is not enough to get employees to understand and follow safety rules and regulations; they need to buy into safety as a lifestyle, both in work and out,” stated Pecor.


Patricia O’Rourke, district safety coordinator for North Broward Hospital District, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., was awarded third place. She will also receive a plaque, a certificate and one-year subscription to KOL, along with a $50 cash award.


More than 100 Safety Professionals submitted an entry for KellerOnline’s fifth annual SPOTY award.


“It was a difficult year for judging, because we had so many great entries. We selected our winners based on the impact on their safety culture and achievements as a safety professional,” said Rustin Keller, J.J. Keller’s corporate Internet products manager. “At KellerOnline, we are proud to assist dedicated professionals, like our SPOTY winners and other subscribers, in the most important job of all – safety.”

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