Veteran hiring initiative launched by Manufacturing Institute

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The Manufacturing Institute – the research and education arm of the National Association of Manufacturers – announced a new alliance with RecruitMilitary LLC to promote the hiring of military veterans by manufacturers in the United States.


“We are proud to be able to help the men and women who have served in the U.S. armed forces transition back into private sector jobs,” said Jerry Jasinowski, president of The Manufacturing Institute. “Military veterans have the sophisticated technical skills, work ethic, commitment and drive needed in the modern manufacturing workplace. Veterans offer a deep pool of talent that can help manufacturers overcome a serious shortage of skilled workers that threatens America’s global manufacturing leadership.”


The new alliance with RecruitMilitary LLC will provide opportunities for thousands of NAM member companies looking for technically skilled production workers and/or the broad range of employees needed in manufacturing to connect with skilled veterans departing from their patriotic service. RecruitMilitary LLC provides a database of more than 90,000 job candidates with military backgrounds that NAM members will be able to access.  NAM members who participate will be entitled to display a special graphic on all electronic and printed materials identifying themselves as “Veteran-Friendly Employers,” and receive a 10 percent discount.


Access the institute’s new veteran hiring service at


The Manufacturing Institute is the research and education arm of the NAM, building intellectual support and raising understanding among policymakers, the media, educators and potential workers about manufacturing’s contributions to the quality of American life, the challenges facing the sector and its excellent career opportunities. Visit the web site at for more information about manufacturing and the economy.

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