Snell Infrared to offer new webinar service in 2007

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Snell Infrared plans to offer a regular series of webinars starting in 2007 geared toward thermographers of all levels and covering topics that range from basic heat transfer theory to more advanced infrared applications and inspection techniques.


Webinars from Snell Infrared are brief online educational seminars that run from one to two hours in length and allow maintenance professionals to expand their infrared knowledge base beyond training without having to travel hundreds of miles or miss valuable time at their plant or office.


This new service from Snell Infrared will offer live, regularly scheduled webinars hosted by a thermography instructor. Each live seminar will feature real-time training as well as an interactive question and answer session. Pre-recorded seminars are also planned and will be available for purchase 24 hours a day.


Anyone with a computer, internet access and telephone connection can participate (minimum 56k modem required for internet access; broadband recommended). For more information on this new service, contact Snell Infrared at 800-636-9820 or via e-mail at


Snell Infrared is the world's leading independent knowledge provider for thermographers offering training, certification and support services. Regularly-scheduled Level I, II, III and  specialty application courses in thermography available including onsite training set-up by request.

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