OSHA renews pact with petroleum, petrochemical industry

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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration renewed a joint alliance with three organizations to promote safe and healthful working conditions for workers in the petroleum and petrochemical industry.

The American Petroleum Institute (API), the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Steel Tank Institute (STI) are continuing the Safe Tank Alliance with OSHA (originally signed in March 2004) to ensure workers in the industry are armed with the training, knowledge and guidance to ensure their safety and health. STI is a new participant in the alliance.

"We are pleased to welcome the Steel Tank Institute to this very important and successful alliance," said OSHA administrator Ed Foulke after signing a two-year renewal to the agreement. "In two short years, we've already seen good results; it is imperative that this significant alliance be continued."

Echoing Foulke's sentiments was Wayne Geyer, executive vice president of STI, who commended OSHA for its approach to work with industry.


"We're pleased to be part of an alliance that is committed to disseminating information of the many hazards that can be encountered in petrochemical storage tanks and confined spaces," said Geyer.


NFPA president and CEO James M. Shannon said the first two years of the alliance "have been successful in promoting safer and healthier working conditions for workers in the industry," and also extended a welcome to STI.

OSHA and the Safe Tank Alliance developed and held a successful Safe Tank Entry Best Practices seminar recently in Richmond, Calif. More than 80 representatives of the alliance joined refinery professionals, OSHA personnel, and Alaska and California state plan participants for discussions on above ground petroleum storage tanks. Alliance participants also serve on editorial boards for OSHA Safety and Health Topics pages and eTools related to oil and gas well drilling and servicing. The participants are also reviewing and providing comments on the draft Storage Tank module which will be added to that Topics page.

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