Teknikor Acquires Oxford Engineering

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Teknikor Inc. has announced the acquisition of Oxford Engineering, a Connecticut-based provider of precision machinery alignment services for a number of industries, including wire and cable, rubber and plastics, and paper manufacturing.

The acquisition gives Teknikor additional expertise to add to its integrated service delivery offering. Manufacturers and fabricators that hire Teknikor as a single source for systems and production line upgrades and retrofits can now count on project leads to include precision equipment alignment in the scope of work, negating the need for the customer to find another provider or for Teknikor itself to subcontract the work.

"Our goal since the beginning was to buy or build the different skill sets and expertise that come into play when we perform operations and manufacturing maintenance," states Teknikor CEO Phil Pelletier. "Oxford Engineering not only fills a critical need in our services continuum, but they are the best in the industry at what they do."

Since its founding in 1981, Oxford Engineering has performed work for a number of Fortune 500 companies, including DuPont and Dow Chemical. Oxford Engineering's technicians and engineers are trained at the renowned ISO 9001:2008-certified Brunson Instrument Company. Company founder Jack Grosberg will be joining Teknikor.

"This acquisition is all about becoming part of an innovative company that is reinventing its own industry," says Grosberg. "Teknikor is leading the way in its integrated services approach to plant and operations systems management, and I'm excited that Oxford Engineering will play a critical role in the company's future." 

For more information, visit www.teknikor.com.

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