Webinar series helps firms implement energy assessment recommendations

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Each month, the Industrial Technologies Program presents a one-hour Webinar for plant and corporate energy leaders. These Webinars provide ideas to help address the different challenges that arise when implementing energy assessment recommendations.

The Webinars are hosted by Fred Schoeneborn, president of FCS Consulting Services, Inc. Mr. Schoeneborn has extensive experience in industrial energy efficiency, having spent 38 years with the Mobil Corporation. Schoeneborn created the company's award-winning global energy management program, saving Mobil $100 million a year in energy savings.

In addition to Schoeneborn's expertise, each Webinar features an energy manager from a different company that is actively pursuing ambitious energy efficiency goals. Past guest speakers include Ken Roden, Nissan North America Inc.; Jeff Yigdall, PPG Industries; Joe Almaguer, Dow Chemical Company; David Crum and Edwin Willhite, Schneider Electric; Steve Coppinger, CalPortland Company; Walt Brockway, Alcoa; Robert Varcoe, UAW & General Motors; Larry Fabina, ArcelorMittal; and Steve Fugarazzo, Raytheon.

The Webinar series will continue in 2011 with a focus on the replication of energy-savings measures.

For more information, contact Lindsay Bixby at lbixby@bcs-hq.com.

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