DOE to continue energy assessment program in 2007

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The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has announced that it will continue offering Energy Savings Assessments of the nation's manufacturing facilities in 2007. During the past year, these free assessments conducted on-site at eligible U.S. plants have identified potential industrial energy cost savings and productivity improvements amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars.

As energy supplies and prices remain highly variable, another round of assessments is being planned. The application process for the second round begins on October 2, 2006. To apply, visit the Save Energy Now Web site.

The first 100 Energy Savings Assessments in 2006 identified more than $250 million in potential annual savings in process heating and steam systems. If those 100 plants implement all the recommendations made in their assessments, they will reduce U.S. natural gas usage by almost 30 trillion Btu per year, which is enough to supply approximately 400,000 households.

To achieve even more benefits, DOE is broadening the scope of the assessments in two ways:

The assessments are designed to reduce U.S. industrial energy use and costs through Save Energy Now, the Industrial Technologies Program's (ITP) component of the national "Easy Ways to Save Energy" campaign created by the Secretary of Energy in 2005.

Numerous other ITP resources will also continue to be available, such as technical training, ITP's suite of powerful software assessment tools, technical tips and publications, and more. If you don't already have the Save Energy Now CD, which includes many of these resources, order one today from the DOE Web site or contact the EERE Information Center, 877-337-3463.

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