Instantis releases white paper on Six Sigma model

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Instantis, a provider of on-demand software for managing top-down performance improvement initiatives like Six Sigma, published the Instantis Six Sigma Maturity Model (iSSMM) on September 12. Six Sigma is a methodology that has been adopted by thousands of global enterprises to measure and improve a company's operational performance through rigorous use of data and statistical analysis.


Based on years of experience observing the deployment of Six Sigma software into large companies, Dr. Prasad Raje, Instantis CEO and founder, developed the model and authored the accompanying white paper which defines the commonly experienced stages of Six Sigma maturity. The paper is available for download at In addition, Instantis will be conducting a number of iSSMM workshops at upcoming ASQ, IQPC, ISSSP, WCBF and Marcus Evans Six Sigma professional conferences in North America and Europe.


"This model has tremendous practical value for organizations that want to benchmark their progress against industry norms, assess implementation strengths and performance gaps, and anticipate common adoption pitfalls," said, Steve Zinkgraf, CEO of Sigma Breakthrough Technologies and author of "Six Sigma - The First 90 Days."


"This is the first rigorous attempt to describe the Six Sigma journey from launch and early success to culture transformation," added Roxanne O'Brasky, president and founder of the International Society of Six Sigma Professionals (ISSSP). "Instantis continues to make seminal contributions to the Six Sigma community as both a thought and technology leader."


In conjunction with this publication, Instantis also announced the launch of a ground-breaking study on the state of Six Sigma maturity within global enterprises. Readers of the iSSMM white paper are invited to participate in a brief online survey at which asks respondents to characterize the state of their Six Sigma deployment along ten dimensions defined by the maturity model. The results will be shared with all participants.


"The Six Sigma Maturity Model is a good representation of the journey Hexion has gone through so far in our Six Sigma deployment. My prior experience at multiple Fortune 100 companies also coincides with the model," said Nipesh Shah corporate vice president of Six Sigma at Hexion Specialty Chemicals, the world's largest producer of binder, adhesive, coating and ink resins for industrial applications. "We look forward to participating in this research effort to get a better sense of how our progress stacks up against our peers."


"This model resonates with what I have observed and provides a good compass for Six Sigma deployments," added Forrest W. Breyfogle III, CEO of Smarter Solutions and author of "Implementing Six Sigma: Smarter Solutions Using Statistical Methods."

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