Air casters move world's heaviest transformer

RP news wires
Tags: energy management

The largest and heaviest transformer in the world has been successfully moved in Chanzhou, China. The one million KVA/2000KV test reference transformer weighs over 700 tons, the equivalent of 600 automobiles. The mammoth unit was moved via an 800-ton-capacity air caster transporter system. Built by AeroGo Inc. based in Seattle, the transporter system uses a sophisticated computer control system to synchronize the movement of two smaller transporters which together reach the total capacity of 800 tons. The AeroGo transporter was selected because it specifically addressed the transportation issues of moving such a large, heavy and awkward load. Numerous transformers worldwide have been moved using this proven methodology.

Founded in 1967, AeroGo is the world leader in providing standard and customized load moving solutions for highly sensitive and exceptionally heavy loads utilizing air casters. 

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