J.R. Simplot Company publishes sustainability report on Earth Day

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The J.R. Simplot Company – a worldwide generational agribusiness company responding to the needs of a growing population through phosphate mining, fertilizer manufacturing, farming, ranching, cattle production, food processing and sales, and other related agriculture enterprises – on April 22 issued a first summary of its sustainability practices. The Simplot Sustainability Summary, published on Earth Day 2010, charts the company's 80-year commitment to Bringing Earth's Resources to Life through practices that ensure the future vitality of those resources.

"We understand that we hold a global responsibility to work efficiently and sustainably as we manage the conversion of raw materials from the earth to the farm to the dinner table," said Bill Whitacre, president and CEO. "This basic and critical work drives us to develop technologies and systems designed to decrease the land, energy, and fresh water needed for agriculture, while increasing the per-acre productivity required to feed an estimated additional three billion people within the next 50 years. We are committed to continuous improvement to minimize our impact and to complete the cycle."

The Sustainable Simplot program is built on the same three focus areas that characterize the company: Respect for Resources, Spirit of Innovation and Passion for People. Simplot has been honored in each of these areas for its sound sustainability oversight and ethical practices:

  • Respect for Resources encompasses natural resource protection, reclamation, environmental policies and regulation, and recycling. Simplot's Lower Columbia Basin Grower Solutions unit in Umatilla, Ore., was honored as one of only 20 nationwide winners of the 2009 Environmental Respect Award sponsored by DuPont Crop Protection.
  • Spirit of Innovation focuses on technology innovation across Simplot's value chain to improve efficiency and reduce costs and operational impacts. Simplot's potato processing facilities in Aberdeen, Idaho, and Othello, Wash., were recently recognized with Energy Star certification by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Department of Energy.
  • Passion for People highlights policies, practices and partnerships that impact Simplot employees and communities. The Mine Safety and Health Administration presented Simplot's Smoky Canyon Mine with its most prestigious honor, the Sentinel of Safety Award.

The J.R. Simplot Company executive committee – Scott Simplot, Debbie McDonald, Gay Simplot and Ted Simplot – says the Sustainable Simplot model is built on the very culture of the company: continuous improvement and accountability to meet the challenges facing agriculture today and tomorrow.

"Sustainability has always been second nature at Simplot, which, for decades, has proven the long-term commitment of a generational company," the executive committee said in the Simplot Sustainability Summary. "J.R. Simplot's drive for innovation made sustainability a bedrock value that is part of the genetic code of succeeding generations of Simplot leaders and employees."

Access the summary online at http://www.simplot.com/company/sustainability.cfm.

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