Best practices for eco-friendly paint clean-up around the plant

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Maintenance professionals are people too – they likely recycle their leftover cans, bottles and newspapers in their homes like everyone else. But what do they do with their paint after they finish a job around the plant?

Paint clean-up is not always top of mind when it comes to living a "green" lifestyle; however, there are a number of easy ways for pros to be more efficient and eco-friendly when it comes to workplace clean-up.

Below are some best practices for recycling paint after a job is complete, according to the experts at Behr:

  • Donate paint to local paint swap events so someone else with a need can use it.
  • No options for donation? Use on-line resources such as Earth911.comto find local recycling centers.
  • If disposal is the only option, contractors should always contact local waste management and environmental agencies to get advice for disposing of their paint in an environmentally friendly way.

Perhaps the best advice for pros to consider is to use tools like Behr's paint calculator on http://behrpro.comto ensure that they order the correct amount of paint for each project. 

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