Survey: Manufacturers increasing investment in environment strategies

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Manufacturers are continuing to increase their investment in environmental strategies and resource efficiency in order to improve business performance, according to a survey conducted by EEF of London.

In EEF’s 2009 Environment Survey, almost four in every five companies cite cost savings as the main driver behind striving for improved environmental performance.

“Businesses are increasingly aware that adopting an environmental action plan not only contributes to carbon and waste reduction, it also promotes resource efficiency and delivers cost benefits,” says Ian Hunter, safety and sustainability leader for EEF in the South West and Wales.

Main survey findings:

  • 79 percent of companies cited cost reduction as the main driver for improved environmental performance.
  • 83 percent of companies that adopted environmental strategies say it led to cost saving
  • 90 percent of respondents have taken some sort of action on waste reduction

The Measuring Performance – EEF Environment Survey 2009 can be downloaded from

EEF, the manufacturers’ organization, is the representative voice of manufacturing in the United Kingdom together with ECIA, the Engineering Construction Industry Association and UK Steel. EEF has a growing membership of almost 6,000 companies of all sizes, employing some 900,000 people from every sector of engineering, manufacturing, engineering construction and technology-based industries. 

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