Where are the manufacturer's data sheets for your electric motors?

PdMA Corporation
Tags: motors, maintenance and reliability

Where are you storing your manufacturer's data sheets for electric motors? On visits to various facilities, we found many data sheets located inside the switchgear's empty cubical where an electrical component was recently replaced in that particular motor control center. Seems like as good a place as any to store them, right? Wrong!

What program have you put into place to file your manufacturer's data sheets? You know, those folded-up sheets that are included with all of the electrical components you have purchased over the years. There is a wealth of information available on the sheets. Develop a central location or binder for the sheets that come with each push button, relay, contact overload heater, or any other small component that you have had to install or replace over the years. Keeping this information in one central location will result in you having a great reference tool. Soon you will begin to wonder how you ever got along without this valuable reference library.

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