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Plexus Systems, providers of Plexus Online, the first true on-demand manufacturing performance system, is spreading lean concepts by penetrating new and existing markets through a growing network of channel partners. Small to mid-size manufacturers are in the greatest need of lean manufacturing philosophies, and Plexus is helping to bridge that gap with the expansion of its channel partner program.

"These types of partnerships ensure success in today's competitive environment. Our partners couple their niche expertise with our lean-driven manufacturing performance system. They get a top notch product for their clients, and we gain additional exposure in more markets," said Michael Grant, channel partner manager for Plexus Systems.

Plexus Systems is selecting partners that complement Plexus Online's robust capabilities. While the company continues to recruit new partners, it currently has agreements with three channel partners in North America. They include IQC (Dayton, Ohio), Revolution Group (Westerville, Ohio), and Star-Tech Ventures (London, Ontario).

Plexus Systems has deep domain expertise in the automotive, aerospace, defense and medical sectors. Partner firms augment Plexus' direct sales, customer service and technology development teams to implement Plexus Online.

"The best thing about being a Plexus partner is we are able to offer our customers one of the most innovative manufacturing ERP systems on the market today," said Rick Snide, president, Revolution Group.

"Plexus Online's shop floor functionality separates this product from the competition and allows us to provide clients real improvements in operational efficiency," said Robert McTavish, president, Star-Tech Ventures. "Our automotive and heavy equipment customers, medical device manufacturers, and the steel industry clients in Ontario are extremely impressed with the combination of full functionality and the low overhead offered by the hosted system."

Plexus Systems, born from a Tier 1 automotive supplier, is based on the Toyota Production System and other lean concepts, including 100 percent kanban scheduling, pull systems, heijunka scheduling/load leveling, lean office principles, kaizen and team management.

"IQC integrates Plexus Online with a proprietary program for presenting quality information to manufacturers, suppliers and customers in an entirely new way. Together, our two companies provide the automotive industry IQC's services in training, auditing and implementation consulting in support of ISO/TS, Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma," said Seth Hummel, vice president, IQC.

The Plexus Channel Partner program is helping to quickly spread the adoption of lean manufacturing performance and the integration of leaner processes into small to mid-size manufacturing facilities in North America.

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