VW to recruit nearly 6,000 university graduates and apprentices this year

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This year, the Volkswagen Group will be recruiting 3,000 university graduates worldwide, of which one third will be hired in Germany. In addition, 2,900 young people will begin their vocational training with the group during the current year. The total number of apprentices will top the 10,000 mark for the first time this year.

The group will be maintaining the high overall level of the previous year, when 3,260 university graduates were recruited and 2,820 apprentices began their vocational training. Dr. Horst Neumann, member of the board of management of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft responsible for human resources, commented in Wolfsburg, Germany, on March 10: "This year, Volkswagen is offering some 6,000 young people a future career despite the difficult economic conditions. That is definitely not something which can be taken for granted, as a look at other companies in our industry shows. New plants, new markets and new technologies need top-class employees. That opens up exciting development opportunities for the seasoned team as well as for new, well-trained employees. With its commitment to vocational training, Volkswagen is not only investing in the future of our brands and the Group, but also in the countries where we are active."

He explained that in Germany for example, the company offered apprenticeships in 30 professions plus a further 20 specialist fields under the integrated degree and traineeship program, adding that Volkswagen had also introduced standards for apprenticeships and in-service training at its international plants over the past two years similar to those in Germany.

Neumann said: "Volkswagen is on the way to becoming a top employer. A company that wants to build the best cars must also have the best employees on board." 

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