Megger offers free one-day battery maintenance seminars

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Portable test equipment expert Megger is currently offering free one-day Battery Maintenance Best Practices seminars. These have been developed specifically to help engineers and technicians eliminate the risk of stationary battery installations failing when they are most needed – when they are called on to supply emergency power. 

Battery maintenance is often neglected, as batteries rarely show any apparent sign of deterioration. Poor maintenance only reveals itself when the battery is placed on load, and then it’s far too late to avoid the consequences. Megger’s seminars will make those attending aware of the types of problems that can result from inadequate battery maintenance, and will explain how these problems can be avoided.

The seminars will examine the critical role that batteries play in many installations, and will also explain why batteries must be seen as complex electrochemical devices. Terminology and definitions associated will be discussed, and the various failure modes reviewed. The need for maintenance and the different levels of maintenance will be explained, as will appropriate testing methods and the analysis of the data that these tests produce. The NERC PRC-005-1 and NERC PRC-005-2 Draft standards will also be reviewed.

The seminars will be presented by Thomas Sandri, an experienced engineer who has been with Megger since 1991. Sandri has developed numerous training aids and seminars relating to battery, transformer, circuit breaker and cable testing, and he regularly teaches battery and cable fault location classes at industry schools throughout the country.

Megger is running three Battery Maintenance Best Practice seminars. They will be held in Lafayette, La., on March 23; in Webster, Texas, on March 24; and in San Antonio on March 25. All seminars run from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information and to make bookings, call Nicole Stokes on 214-330-3245 or contact her by e-mail at Class sizes are limited, so early booking is strongly advised. 

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