Hydraulic Institute names Weir Specialty Pumps VP as its Member of the Year

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The Hydraulic Institute has named Thomas L. Angle, vice president of product engineering at Weir Specialty Pumps, as its 2009 “Member of the Year.” The award was conferred on Angle at Hydraulic Institute’s 93rd annual meeting gala, which recently took place in Marco Island, Fla.

The HI board of directors selected Angle for distinguishing himself on the extent and level of his involvement in HI, and in particular for advancing the technical work of the Hydraulic Institute in a wide variety of venues. Most recently, Angel served as the co-chair of the Pump Piping Committee responsible for publishing Rotodynamic Pumps - Pump Piping Standard (ANSI/HI 9.6.6), the state-of-the-art reference on pump piping issues.

According to Gregg Romanyshyn, HI technical director, “Tom’s contributions to the Hydraulic Institute have been invaluable. He consistently offers sound ideas that help drive the often arduous standards development and approval process. Again and again, Tom demonstrates strong leadership skills. Over the years, he has effectively managed a number of volunteer committees that have enabled HI to provide the industry with beneficial pump reference information, education materials and programs that not only serve and support our members, but also advance the pump industry worldwide.”

Angle has served HI as chair of the Standards Committee, chair of the Section Chairs Committee and chair of the Viscosity Correction Committee; he has been active on HI’s Technical Affairs Steering Committee, Joint CPS/VPS Test Standards Committee, the Variable Speed Operations Work Group, the Slurry Pump Committee, Life Cycle Cost Committee, and other committees and projects too numerous to mention. Angle has also been a member of DOE’s Advisory Group on the Pump Systems Assessment Tool (PSAT), and is a qualified PSAT instructor. He is also a member of the Submersible Pump Manufacturers Association (SWPA).

The mission of the Hydraulic Institute is to serve as a forum for the exchange of industry information while providing value-added services to member companies and pump users worldwide. This includes the development and delivery of comprehensive industry standards. For more information on the Hydraulic Institute, its members companies and its standards partners, visit www.Pumps.org and www.PumpLearning.org

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