Manufacturer celebrates full year with zero recordable injuries

RP news wires
Tags: workplace safety

Rolled Alloys, a global leader in specialty alloys, completed 2009 without any work-related injuries at its facility in Temperance, Mich., the company announced on March 8.

Most manufacturing companies will celebrate when they have zero lost-time injuries in one year. Rolled Alloys has achieved this milestone and gone one step further with zero recordable accidents for the year of 2009.

The State of Michigan average for manufacturing was 7.2 injuries per 100 employees. Rolled Alloys has been injury-free since October 2008.

Rolled Alloys, which was founded in 1953, provides high-quality alloys, superior service and innovative engineering in the specialty alloys industry. Another sign of its commitment to excellence is its exceptional customer service and product quality. It is certified to ISO 9001:2000 standards.

Rolled Alloys is headquartered in Temperance and has additional warehouse facilities in Connecticut, Ohio, Illinois, Texas, Oklahoma and California. It serves a wide range of customers in the aerospace, military, chemical process, power generation, environmental and thermal processing industries.

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