Intentia adds planning solution to support lean efforts

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Intentia, the global enterprise solutions provider for the manufacturing, distribution and maintenance industries, launched its Theory of Constraints (TOC) production planning solution. This solution shortens the time necessary to realize the benefits of lean manufacturing and quickly delivers increases in throughput, minimizes inventory and reduces operating expenses.

"Lean manufacturing focuses on enforcing customer value-adding activities throughout a factory by eliminating waste and striving towards continuous improvements," said Andrew Dalziel, product director for Supply Chain Management, Intentia. "With the introduction of a TOC planning solution, Intentia customers can achieve the many benefits of lean manufacturing by optimizing complex production scenarios."

Intentia's TOC production planning solution is ideal for manufacturers with make-to-order environments where demand is volatile and different product lines share the same resources, which can result in bottlenecks. The critical bottleneck is the most overloaded resource which determines the maximum flow rate of production. The TOC solution allows manufacturers to optimize production through their critical bottleneck in order to meet market demand. Increased throughput will enable manufacturers to significantly improve delivery performance, achieve higher sales revenues and shorten delivery times.

Dalziel added, "The TOC production planning solution is a low-risk tool that can be implemented in under three months with limited resources, which provides a high return on investment. It is an easy way for organizations to get major business performance improvements without replacing their backbone system."

Intentia has implemented its new TOC production planning solution at two customer sites in Scandinavia and both organizations experienced immediate improvements. Projects are under way at three additional customer sites.

The TOC production planning solution is part of Intentia's portfolio of lean manufacturing applications, and demonstrates the company's dedication to helping mid-size manufacturers improve business processes.

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