Strategic workforce planning is emerging as a top priority

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In the just-published research report from Aberdeen Group, a Harte-Hanks Company, organizations cited shifting demographics and rapidly evolving business requirements as key factors driving the adoption of workforce planning. The study, Strategic Workforce Planning: Winning Scenarios for Uncertain Times, also found that 64 percent of organizations expect organizational efforts in workforce planning to increase in 2010.

“Organizations are still wary after the ups and downs of the last few quarters, and are looking to new strategies to help them get a handle on their workforce needs moving ahead,” said Mollie Lombardi, research analyst, Human Capital Management, Aberdeen. “This research showcases how organizations that are taking a longer-term view of their talent needs, and are taking a collaborative approach to aligning their workforce plans to business priorities are seeing the greatest impact on business performance.”

The report also finds that more than twice as many of the top-performing companies are making workforce planning a top executive priority, with 28 percent of Best-in-Class organizations holding the CEO or board of directors primarily accountable for workforce planning, vs. 13 percent of all organizations.

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