Is your safety training OSHA compliant?

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Training is a very important part of workplace safety efforts. Many OSHA regulations require trainingbefore an employee can be assigned to a specific job task, or that require regularly scheduled refresher training. Other standards mandate refresher training based upon how safely the employee performs the work.

You might have questions about training topics. What does OSHA say about annual refresher training? Does it have to be done within 12 months?

Is interactive online training acceptable? Or, must the trainer be physically in the room where the training is taking place?

Many OSHA standards require that employees receive "adequate" or "effective" training or instruction, while others require training "in a manner" or "in language" that is understandable to employees. What does OSHA mean?

What about training records? Can you keep them electronically? Does OSHA require that written safety training certification have signatures from employees who have attended training sessions?

Find the answers
You will find the answers to these, and other training questions, on KellerOnline. In the Topic Index under Training, you will find OSHA Training Requirements at a Glance, OSHA Letters of Interpretation which address a variety of training issues, OSHA Compliance and Training and Education Directives, as well as other useful training materials, such as cartoons, clip art, and games and puzzles.

Once you know what training is required and how often, KOL provides you with classroom-based training programs and online training programs to assist in your training efforts.

The Training Recordkeeping tool within the Interactive Tools helps you maintain your training records (by location, work area, job function, trainer, or training site) and provides you with the ability to run a variety of reportsto see who is due for training, who has completed their training, and more.

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