Publication sheds light on latest injury trends

National Safety Council
Tags: workplace safety

In 2008, an estimated 118,000 unintentional-injury deaths occurred. While this total is down 2.5 percent compared with the revised 2007 estimate, it is still 36 percent greater than the 1992 total of 86,777 (the lowest annual total since 1924).

“Injury Facts,” 2010 Edition, a complete reference source for safety statistics, is now available. Compiled by the National Safety Council, “Injury Facts” is the premier resource for accident and injury statistics from more than 30 sources, covering occupational, motor vehicle, home, community, state and international injury statistics on deaths, nonfatal injuries and their costs.

“Injury Facts” has made several important changes to provide expanded coverage on the most pressing safety issues, while also helping to display information in a more intuitive and visually appealing manner. With these changes, “Injury Facts” now is an even more comprehensive and easy-to-use source to help communicate the impact of unintentional injuries.

To help visually summarize the injury data, each section of “Injury Facts” opens with an overview graphic designed to illustrate relationships and data trends. To help you better understand and communicate injury risks, the odds of dying from various injury causes is provided. Expanded sections focused on distracted driving and young drivers also are found in this year’s motor vehicle section.

View a snapshot of unintentional injuries in 2008 from the latest edition of “Injury Facts.” Order your copy today.