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Kimberly-Clark Professional has a solution for manufacturing companies seeking to save money and improve their productivity, worker protection and sustainability.

The company has launched an exclusive Manufacturing Site Survey, a free consultation program in which Kimberly-Clark Professional manufacturing experts visit industrial facilities to help them identify more efficient and cost-effective options for issues ranging from what toilet tissue to use in their employee restrooms to what type of industrial wiper to use for different tasks.

“As a large manufacturing company, Kimberly-Clark understands first-hand the pressures industrial companies face,” says Marianne Santangelo, customer marketer for manufacturing, Kimberly-Clark Professional. “These pressures have become more severe as the economy has tightened, making it even more critical for manufacturers to take a close look at every aspect of their spending and how they can get the best value from their purchases. Because, as manufacturers ourselves, we go through the same processes, we are ideally suited to help other companies learn from our successes.”

Manufacturers that take advantage of the Manufacturing Site Survey are assigned a Kimberly-Clark Professional expert, who will work on-site at the manufacturing facility with the facility’s production manager, safety manager, facilities manager, purchasing manager, contract cleaner and other personnel to identify the wiper and washroom needs that are most important to them in their specific area of manufacturing.

The Site Survey also includes an audit of current washroom and wiper products purchased, including usage patterns and costs. It concludes with a written report from the Kimberly-Clark Professional representative for product options that will:

  • Identify ways to control costs and increase performance.
  • Minimize worker exposure to hazardous materials.
  • Compare products in terms of environmental performance.

In the area of cost efficiencies, Kimberly-Clark Professional backs up its product recommendations with two 60/20 Challenges. Through the 60/20 WypAll X Wiper Challenge, the company guarantees that customers replacing their rags or rental shop towels with WypAll Wipers for 60 days will reap a minimum savings of 20 percent. Through the 60/20 Washroom challenge, the company guarantees that customers switching from folded towels to hard roll towels, or liquid soap to foam soap for 60 days will see savings of at least 20 percent.

Kimberly-Clark Professional is bundling its Site Survey program with its exclusive Exposed: What’s in Your Shop Towel program, which encourages manufacturers to consider WypAll Wipers as a safer alternative to rental shop towels. Even when “clean” from the laundry service, rental shop towels frequently contain oil, grease and harmful heavy metals – dangerous elements that can migrate to workers’ hands and ultimately to the mouth, where they can be ingested.

The Site Survey recommendations also help manufacturers better use resources today to help shape the world of tomorrow, with products that reduce overall environmental impact by reducing the use of resources at every stage – a sustainability concept that the company has branded Reduce Today, Respect Tomorrow.

For more information on the Kimberly-Clark Professional Site Survey and the company’s industrial manufacturing product solutions, visit

About Kimberly-Clark Professional
Kimberly-Clark Professional is an indispensable business partner, delivering leading-edge health, hygiene and productivity solutions that provide tangible value every day, everywhere. Known for innovative, quality solutions for away-from-home washrooms, “clean” and “industrial” manufacturing environments, and DIY settings, the global brands of Kimberly-Clark Professional include Kleenex, Scott, Kimcare, WypAll, KleenGuard, and Kimtech. With the acquisition of Jackson Safety, Kimberly-Clark Professional offers an even broader range of PPE and other safety offerings, including market-leading welding and work zone safety products. Kimberly-Clark Professional, located in Roswell, Ga., is one of Kimberly-Clark Corporation’s four business segments.

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