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Ferraz Shawmut recently launched Ferraz Shawmut Electrical Services. A leader in electrical protection for more than 100 years and an industry expert on arc flash and its mitigation, Ferraz Shawmut is uniquely qualified to help facilities implement electrical safety best practices.


Ferraz Shawmut Electrical Services provides consulting and training services designed to help customers protect against arc flash and other electrical hazards. Services will include electrical safety and compliance consulting, project management, arc flash hazard assessments, short circuit audits, one-line drawing development, coordination studies, safety program development and audits, power electronics reviews, and employee safety training.


"Ferraz Shawmut is recognized as an industry leader in arc flash and is a platinum member of IEEE and NFPA's joint committee for arc flash research," said Kent Walker, vice president of technical sales and support. "It's natural that customers began asking us to assist them with their arc flash hazard analysis, employee safety program development, and other electrical safety initiatives."


Ferraz Shawmut has been researching arc flash at its Newburyport, Mass., laboratory and has generated award-winning IEEE papers on arc flash.


"Today's plant managers and facility engineers have more responsibilities and less time to stay current on critical electrical safety codes and regulations," said Peter Walsh, Electrical Services manager. "By retaining Ferraz Shawmut Electrical Services, they'll be able to accomplish more of their electrical safety objectives, reduce their liability and gain peace of mind knowing that with our expert assistance their electrical safety program will be up-to-date and OSHA compliant."


Information on Ferraz Shawmut Electrical Services, including a service brochure, video, fact sheets, training literature, as well as articles & white papers, is available at: A free Electrical Safety Survey may also be downloaded at: Or, for additional details about Ferraz Shawmut Electrical Services call 978-462-6662.

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