Griffin provides filtration equipment for 'green' projects

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Cemtrex Inc. announced that its wholly owned subsidiary Griffin Filters is now providing air filtration equipment on projects that control emissions from steam boilers that burn alternative fuels as part of green technology programs.


"Recently, we have been contracted by a customer to provide a central particulate control system to handle the emissions off a steam boiler that is burning discarded carpet flooring in lieu of fossil fuel," said Arun Govil, Cemtrex CEO. "We are very excited to be a part of this new initiative and have adapted our existing technologies to handle this new emerging emissions control market."


The boiler flue gas generated from the burning of carpets is treated to remove hazardous components with the residual ash captured in a Griffin Filter multi-compartment baghouse. The Griffin baghouse uses a Pulse jet housing design for optimum efficiency and utilizes high-temperature Nomex felt filter bags in all compartments.


Griffin Filters serves the worldwide industrial and concrete markets, providing innovative designs for air pollution control applications in addition to solids processing and product recovery applications. Griffin has a large array of standard collectors and custom-designed collectors that include high-temperature applications to 1,600 degrees Fahrenheit and modular designs for unlimited airflow.


Cemtrex Inc. is a worldwide market leader in manufacturing and selling the most advanced instruments for emission monitoring of particulate, opacity, mercury, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, etc. and filtration products for the industry. Cemtrex also markets Green DCV, an innovative energy efficiency solution for high-quality green building applications, through optimizing HVAC control systems. Cemtrex provides technologies and services for abatement of greenhouse gases pursuant to the Kyoto Protocol and assists customers in creating and selling carbon credits from such projects. The company's products are sold to power plants, refineries, chemical plants, cement plants and other industries, including federal and state governmental agencies.

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